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Who we are

Mosaic Media is collective of communication, branding and research professionals with diverse experience in the field of media, films, academics, digital, web, advertising, marketing, branding and strategy, who are mosaiced together in the pursuit of innovative and impactful expression through different communication means. The collective believes in experimenting with new ideas and achieving excellence through an interdisciplinary approach. It has delivered comprehensive intellectual outputs bespoke for the needs of organisations and businesses. Mosaic Media has ideated and steered complex multi-organisation campaigns both for nonprofit and corporate sector.

What we do

Mosaic Bowl is a communication collective of various super specialized agencies mosaiced into one collective brand. We offer end to end strategy, branding, communication and outreach solutions for your brand, organization, campaign or cause. Our focus is to work with habitué who work with a better, fairer and cohesive approach towards their pursuits.

Under Mosaic we offer innovative and bespoke services as our clients and partners need :

Mosaic Brand Builder

  1. Brand identity system development and brand mapping
  2. Startup Branding and Marketing Design
  3. Media and communication incubation cell for new organisations
  4. White Labeling
  5. Regional launch of organisation and brands in India or a specific region in India
  6. Devising brand guidelines and management
  7. Product and brand placement consultancy
  8. Organising sectoral thought leadership events

Mosaic Productions

  1. Corporate/Brand films
  2. Documentaries
  3. Sponsored content
  4. Audio-visual Content for web
  5. Ad films
  6. Line Production service in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for International projects and collaborations
  7. Audio-visual content for installation and outdoor media

Social with Mosaic

  1. Communication and outreach strategy support
  2. Conceptualizing and executing, innovative digital outreach services across various social media platforms
  3. SEO and SEM services
  4. Web PR and blogging support for organisation and brands trying to take sectoral knowledge leadership
  5. Interactive graphics, designs and other audio-visual content specifically crafted for social media outreach

Mosaic Web

  1. Website development across platforms
  2. Progressive web and app development
  3. UI ideation and development of apps
  4. CMS and website management training for organisation’s internal team

Mosaic Content and Design Studio

  1. Pre press and conceptual graphic designing services
  2. Content writing services for brands and campaigns
  3. Interactive graphic and infographics

Marquee by Mosaic

  1. Out of Home Visibility management for brands and campaign looking for innovation in OOH media and Ambient Media spaces
  2. An insight backed OOH media strategy for brands looking to brand themselves in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities

Mosaic Translation, Data and Research services

  1. Market research and insights studies for brands and products
  2. Research and Quantitative and qualitative data analysis (Baseline Survey, Mid-term, Impact assessment studies, field surveys)
  3. Discreet and diverse Focus group discussion for various campaign and products
  4. Designing translation and communication model for multicultural projects and organisation

Our Work

Our experience

Mosaic Media has diverse and interesting experience of working with organisations, range includes working for grassroots change to providing bespoke corporate communication solutions. We have worked with PAGIR in Ladakh for their brand and organisational communication, fundraising and team development; and at the same time, we have also worked with Nokia India for developing a unique environment action programme called ‘Films For Change’, already in its fourth year.

Mosaic Media hosts and runs the South Asia office of tve. We develop projects and raise funds, all locally, to run a whole gamut of programs for ‘tve south Asia’. These include content creation, distribution and film trainings. We have previously worked with Swiss Development corporation, Government of India on agricultural issues across various states, working extensively with the entire farming ecosystem.

We run information and communications division for Urmul group of organisations coordinating their overall communications, branding, social media and web presence et al. Through crowdfunding campaigns at this unit, we have so far raised over 40,000 USD unrestricted funding for Urmul.

We are the retainer communication agency for PHIA (Partnering Hope into Action) and provide end-to-end communication and branding solutions to their various project and campaigns. Recently, we launched their national level gender campaign called “It’s Possible”

Other organisations, Mosaic Media, has been working with include The India Advantage(TIA) Summit, Change Alliance, Difficult Dialogues, RWUS Manipur, Assam Times, WinG, Oxfam, The Third Pole, INSAAF, ASRA, TIMES GROUP, MagicBricks, BIOD, Karo Sambhav, JaiHind TV, Sustainable Context Etc.

We are committed to deliver tailor made services to brands, products and organisations working towards creating innovation, knowledge and sustainability.

Our Clients

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